Pilot Spray Gun Type 64 With S.S Cup New

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  • Lightweight gravity feed spray gun. Cup capacity 340Ml.
  • Flexible air cap facilitating spray from round concentrated to fan pattern.
  • Gives a smooth finish to electrical equipment, sports goods, computer cabinets.

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Pilot Spray Gun Type 64 HSN:8424


  • Type – 64 spray guns are easier to use than most spray guns. These lightweight gravity feed spray
    guns are suitable for production work on articles of medium or large sizes.
  • Perfect balance, comfortable handle and trigger action makes them easy and non-tiring to operate.
  • A knob on the left can easily control round to fan spray of pattern.
  • Supplied with a 0.34 lit. gravity cup.


  • Mix, prepare and strain the coating material to be sprayed according to the paint manufacturers instructions.
  • Use a lint free mesh to strain the material.
  • Fill the gravity feed cup with the material. Do not overfill. Ensure that the vent hole in the cup lid is clear.
  • Adjust the atomizing air pressure to 2.1 2.8 kgs/sq.cm. (30 to 40p.s.i.).
  • It requires air about (4 – 6 c.f.m.) 113 – 170 liter per minute depending on the liquid to be sprayed.
  • Close the fluid needle adjusting screw by turning clockwise.
  • Turn on the air at the source of supply and spray test area by turning the fluid needle adjusting screw counter-clockwise until a full coat is obtained.
  • If the finish is too sandy and dry, reduce the viscosity of the coating material supply by turning the adjusting screw counter-clockwise.
  • Increasing or decreasing the atomizing air pressure can also correct both the above. The most efficient atomizing air pressure is the lowest possible air pressure that will give the desired effect.
  • The gun should be held perpendicular to the spray surface at all times. Do not arc the gun as this produces and uneven coat of paint. The recommended spraying distance is between 230mm (9”).


  • To ensure that this equipment reaches you in first class condition, protective coatings, rust inhibitors, etc. have been used. Flush all equipment through with a suitable solvent before use to remove these agents from the material passages.
  • Attach the air supply line to the air intake connector. An air transformer installed as close as possible to the gun will provide filtered and regulated air.
  • Attach air hose connector from a filtered regulated air supply.
  • Recommended air supply hose size up to 10meters long (1/4”) bore.
  • Attach the gravity feed cup to the material inlet and ensure that the sealing washer is compressed.


  • Turn off air supply and release pressure.
  • Empty surplus coating material from cup and clean.
  • Remove air cap and clean by immersing in solvent, brush or wipe clean. If any holes in the air cap are blocked use a toothpick or broom straw to remove the obstruction. Never use a steel wire or hard implement which will damage the air cap and result in a distorted pattern.


  • Lubricate all moving parts daily with a few drops of light oil and occasionally place a light coating of Vaseline on the needle spring.
  • The packing may need to be oiled occasionally to keep them pliable.


  • These guns are not designed to be used with highly corrosive or highly abrasive coating materials. Violation may increase the need for thorough cleaning and /or the necessity for replacement of parts.


  • All spray guns project particles at high velocity and must never be aimed at any part of the body.
  • Never exceed the recommended safe working pressures for any of the equipment used.
  • The fitting of non-recommended or non-original accessories or spare parts may create hazardous conditions.
  • Before dismantling the equipment for cleaning or maintenance, all pressures, air and material, must be isolated and released.

Technical Data:

Cup capacity (litres) 0.34
 Feed Gravity
Gun distance from work piece [mm (inch)] 228.6 (9)
Fluid nozzle orifice dia. (mm) 1.6
Required pressure (kgf /sq.cm) 2.1 – 2.8
Air consumption of rated pressure [lit/min (c.f.m)] 115 – 170 (4-6)
Material output (cc/min) 300
Max. pattern width (mm) 180
Min. Air-compressor (HP) 1
Weight of gun with cup (gms) 485

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2 reviews for Pilot Spray Gun Type 64 With S.S Cup New

  1. Jasmine

    Excellent Product.

  2. Manav

    What I like about it is its lightness but the focus control is hard.

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