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  • Taparia Bent Nose Plier

    Taparia Bent Nose Plier

    • Generally Conforming to IS 3552-1989.
    • Made from high grade steel.
    • Forged and differentially heat treated to give best performance.
    • Fully insulated with quality plastic material sleeves ensures safe electrical working.
  • Taparia Circlip Plier

    Taparia Circlip Plier

    • Made from suitable high grade steel.
    • Scientifically heat treated to give tough body.
    • Generally Conforming to IS 7989-1976(Int.) IS 7990-1976(Ext.).
  • taparia combination plier

    Taparia Combination Plier

    • The Pliers made from high grade Steel, forged and differentially heat treated to give best performance.
    • Fully insulated with quality plastic material sleeves ensures safe electrical working.
    • It has excellent wire cutting ability for soft and hard wires.
  • taparia locking pliers size chart

    Taparia Locking Pliers

    • Jaws are forged from high grade Alloy Steel.
    • Jaws are specially hardened and tempered to give tough body.
    • Handles are made from good quality cold drawn steel sheets.
    • End screw is provided with knurling for quick jaw adjustment.
    • Smooth, quick releasing mechanism helps in single handed operation.
    • Nickel Plated for rust prevention.
  • taparia long nose plier

    Taparia Long Nose Plier

    • Excellent wire cutting ability.
    • Generally Conforming to IS 3552-1989
    • Cutting edges are induction hardened of 55 to 60 HRC.
    • Made from high carbon steel its durable and long lasting.
    • Thick sleeves for comfortable grip, specially designed for extra leverage.
  • Taparia Mini Plierstaparia mini pliers size chart

    Taparia Mini Pliers

    •  Made from high grade carbon steel.
    • The pliers are fully polished.
    • Springs provided between legs and Dip coated sleeves.
  • taparia pcp 06taparia pcp 06 size chart

    Taparia PCP 06 Plastic Cutting Plier

    • Pack of 2
    • Material: Steel
    • Length: 157 mm
    • Color: Red and black
  • Taparia Side Cutting Plier

    Taparia Side Cutting Plier

    • Generally Conforming to IS 4378-1990
    • Diagonal cutting edges, precision matched to optimum angle ensure long life for cutting hard and soft wires.
    • Cutting edges are sharp and precision machined to appropriate angle to cut thick and thin wires neatly with ease.
  • taparia slip joint plierstaparia slip joint pliers size chart

    Taparia Slip Joint Pliers 1221 (Pack of 10)

    • Generally Conforming to IS 13323-1992
    • Made from high grade chrome vanadium steel
    • Highly Durable & heat treated
  • taparia water pump pliertaparia water pump plier list

    Taparia Water Pump Plier

    • Generally Conforming to IS 6118-1991
    • Made out of high quality Steel, forged and accurately machined to hold circlips
    • Correctly shaped jaws grips circlips without the danger of flying out.
  • taparia wire stripping plierstaparia wire stripping pliers size chart

    Taparia Wire Stripping Pliers

    • Generally Conforming to IS 5087-1969
    • Made from high grade chrome vanadium steel
    • Available in 5-inch and 6-inch sizes and used extensively for stripping electrical wires