Sharpening Stone For Knives & Tools By “CUMI”


  • Material: Silicon carbide
  • Cumi fine/coarse
  • Size: 150 x 50 x 25 millimeter

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Sharpening Stone For Knives & Tools By “CUMI”

CUMI Combination Stone no.109 is Silicone Carbide combination bench stones have both coarse and fine grit silicon carbide surfaces. These fast-cutting stones are used to sharpen edges on tools to moderate tolerances quickly. Stones are very fast cutting and while a thin clear oil is usually sufficient. These softer stones have several advantages over harder stones. Because they are softer, they do not become glazed or loaded with detritus. Plus, they are lubricated effectively with water rather than oil but can be used with either. There are a number of ways to sharpen knives and tools, but water stones are the preferred method because the user has absolute control during the sharpening process.

Cumi combination stones, also known as sharpening stones, are used to sharpen and hone the edges of tools and blades. Sharpening stones are used to sharpen a wide variety of tools, including kitchen knives, scissors, chisels, and plane blades. They can also be used to sharpen other cutting tools, such as axes and lawn mower blades.


While sharpening, hold the object firmly at an angle of 30° against the stone. Maintain the same angle of contact throughout the operation. This will help you to get a sharp edge. List No. 109 is very sharp and fast cutting. To reduce the cutting action use a thin, clear oil on the stone. If you need the cutting to the further reduced, soak the stone in a pan of hot petroleum jelly. Clean LIST No. 109 stone either with petrol, paraffin or ammonia when it becomes clogged or dirty.

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